When the choice falls on CMS

When it is time to build a CMS there are some key factors that should be fulfilled. Below we have described some of those factors

A CMS is not only smart, it is practical

Unfortunately many does not realize how a CMS can help them achieve more and what possibilities goes along with a CMS. We help you navigate through a CMS and how it could be a use for you and your company

We specialize in CMS

We deal with the development and maintenance of your CMS


At Umbraco you get a CMS that utilize the powerful .NET environment. More than 400.000 websites uses Umbraco and the community keeps on growing. Umbraco is open source and it is possible to have your website hosted directly at Umbraco


At wordpress you get a CMS that utilizes PHP which is platform independent. It is the most used CMS in the world and themes are being added every day. It is possible to have your website hosted directly at Wordpress

Responsive design

We develop all websites after responsive principles in order to make your website look good on smartphones as well as on a PC, so that your visitors will get the most out of your website

User interaction

With a CMS you get the possibility of adding and editing the content of your website, which gives you the freedom to customize the content and it simplifies the process

Adwords & SEO

The success of your website depends on how many views it gets. We help you create the best strategy for your business and we strengthen its organic search potential


Your needs and desires for your website can change over time. We offer to maintain and keep your website up to date in order for you to focus on your main activities